Why Your Drug Rehab Program Needs a Marketing Strategy

Isolation is addiction’s best friend. In the US., we are witnessing a spike in alcohol sales everywhere as states mandate stay-at-home orders. The stress and anxiety resulting from the pandemic is only aggravating an already serious problem. Addiction treatment facilities are reporting an increase in call volumes and outpatient treatments (now being done remotely).

Six tried-and-true ways to generate leads for your facility and reach more people at a time when they need it the most

At a time when people with mental health issues feel alone and powerless and turn to the internet and social media for answers and to get help, it is fundamental to position your treatment program where your patients are. That is why you cannot afford to not have a diversified digital marketing plan. While “marketing” and “addiction treatment” are not terms usually seen together, a good set of digital marketing strategies can actually help create human connection and reach those who need help the most – patients who would otherwise not reach out for help. With a large chunk of the country staying at home on their phones and computers, feeling more anxious and depressed than before, ensuring increased visibility for your treatment program across channels will open an essential channel for those in need of your services to learn more about your program and what you can do to help them recover. Having a diversified digital marketing and lead generation system is the best way to maximize your visibility online and bring in high-quality leads. Let’s look at the six most important basic strategies that can make it happen for you.

SEO: A Long Term Investment with The Best Results

This should really be a top priority for your brand. Search engines tend to work always looking to bring solid information to people in response to a keyword they entered. Your goal is to get your website to show up among the first 3 organic results. Those are the ones that get 60% of the clicks. 

There are a few different ways to improve your website ranking on search engines. The foundation for all of them is to have good, valuable content that is relevant to your audience and matches the keywords they are entering on the search bars. For example, if someone enters the search terms “how to find out if a loved one is an addict”, and you have an article on your website that is related to that topic and uses those keywords, the algorithm is more likely to display your article on the first page of results. The more content-rich your website is, the more keywords you will cover, and that will increase your visibility.  Another secret to help with your SEO is to have backlinks to your site. Now that you have content that educates, informs and inspires your audience, you can collaborate with other websites and have them link to your page. Networking with other brands and organizations is a great way to gain more backlinks. It tells search engines your content is trustworthy and relevant. While SEO is indeed the best investment to generate organic traffic to your website, it certainly does not happen overnight. Think of it as a long term investment. It has the lowest cost-per-click of any online marketing approach. It can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming. Consider hiring a team of SEO experts to take care of that for you – at Bizleads Agency, we just happen to have an experienced in-house team that can handle all the complexities of SEO for you.

Build Connections and Brand Awareness with Social Media

It is a fact that around the world, people spend an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes every day scrolling through social media channels. During social distancing, the hours spent on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Linkedin (to name a few) have dramatically increased. Not only is this a great opportunity to reach potential clients where they are, it is also a chance to build relationships and community. You can use these channels to post links to your blog articles, for example, and drive traffic to your website. You can also showcase success stories, stay in touch with alumni, share valuable information and tips, and build brand awareness. By building a following and engaging with them on a regular basis, you are increasing your chances that alumni will refer your program to friends and family, leave positive reviews and share your content.

It also becomes another place for people who might be researching addiction treatment centers – they might end up on your Facebook page, seeing all the great content and positive reviews, and can end up feeling more confident about calling you. You can achieve this both organically and with paid ads inside Facebook. Using paid ads inside Facebook makes it easy to target ads towards specific audiences. Here, repetition is key. The truth is someone with an addiction problem may not necessarily be in the mindset of searching Facebook for a solution – they are there to socialize and get their minds off the issue. But if they see your ad on their feed consistently, they might be more inclined to learn more about you when the time is right.

Creating Quality Content is King

Establishing yourself as a trustworthy, useful and knowledgeable resource is a great way to build your brand online and get more people to learn about what you offer. In terms of drug rehab marketing strategies, it is important to be able to connect with your prospective patients and write about topics they are searching for.  

Posting relevant content (articles, videos, infographics) not only helps you with your SEO efforts, it also helps you build a connection and get people to like you, trust you and want to do business with you. If your prospect is concerned about a loved one and would like to know how to help him/her in their recovery, they search for that information on Google and end up reading the article you posted on your blog about that topic. You are able to share your expertise, give them answers and get your brand in front of them when they need it the most. It also allows you to get more engagement, making your brand more relevant. Creating relevant and useful content gives your online visibility a major boost, establishing credibility with search engines and users. The more blog posts on your site, the more indexed pages you will have. And Google likes that – websites with more indexed pages get 3 times as many leads.  You can also use your content as a branding tool, giving visitors more information about what makes your treatment program special or unique. Include a call to action on each piece of content and let them know that help is available and where to call.

Targeted Leads On Demand: PPC Advertising

The biggest challenge in drug rehab marketing is how to invest in strategies that result in bringing in relevant leads from the right audiences. While it is true that organic traffic is still your best friend in terms of return on investment, Google’s Pay-Per-Click campaigns can bring you highly targeted traffic that results in more qualified leads.  

PPC ads allow you to bid for specific keywords and place you on top of search rankings. For example, if you bid for a keyword like “equine therapy drug rehab”, your ad will show up on a top placement on search results when someone enters those terms. While PPC is significantly more expensive than SEO, it works in a matter of days and can help a brand jumpstart its visibility while their SEO efforts have not yet shown any results. And because you can narrow down the audience that will see your ad, you are able to have some control over the quality of your leads.In order for a PPC campaign to be effective, each ad needs to be pointing to a specific landing page that matches your offer. When they click on your ad, they are taken to this landing page that has a clear message, clean design and a clear call-to-action, as well as contact information. This page should easily lay out the next step your prospect needs to take to contact you or learn more about your drug rehab program. At Bizleads, we can easily set up and manage your PPC campaign and build landing pages that will maximize your results. There are many details and complexities to building a successful PPC campaign, and our team happens to be really good at handling all of that while you focus on your patients.

Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead: Staying Connected and Building Relationships

Email marketing is still a tried-and-true tool to keep in touch with your alumni and share relevant content. By maintaining an email list of your alumni, you will always have an audience. Social Media sites change their rules all the time, accounts get shut down and entire audiences are lost, but your email list does not rely on third party applications and will always belong to you.  You can use it to share content from your blog, keep alumni up-to-date on upcoming events, and most importantly, it is a way to be in contact with your alumni to give them support and maintain that connection that will help them continue their recovery at home. As you know, recovery is a life-long process, and by reaching out to your alumni, you will be able to still be there for them and boost their chances of succeeding long term. The majority of people relapse within their first year in recovery. It is your mission to provide some form of continuing care and to let them know help is available if they ever need it again. Sending out emails regularly (be it a newsletter, a blog post share, an announcement, etc) is a way to fulfill that need and stay involved.

Word-of-mouth: An Old School Strategy That Still Works

Word-of-mouth is still a tried and true strategy for drug rehab marketing. It has the third highest lead-to-customer conversion rate. People tend to trust and feel more comfortable with undergoing treatment at a place where they know their friend or family member has had a positive experience.It is no surprise that 92% of people claim to read online reviews when making a decision about a local business. The best way to get more people talking about your addiction recovery program is to be active and give back to the community. Get involved in recovery advocacy efforts, fundraisers and even host events of your own.  Also, doing good work speaks for itself. Stay committed to providing quality care and keeping in touch with clients after they leave your program. Aim to leave clients and their loved ones satisfied with the care they receive from you and they will be more likely to recommend your facility to others.

Don’t Make This Mistake

The most common (and worst) mistake many treatment programs make when planning their addiction rehab marketing is choosing just one strategy and betting everything on it. The strategies we outlined here are meant to be used in connection with the others. Each of them is a piece of the puzzle that helps you connect with people in need of treatment.  When planning your marketing efforts, diversifying your strategies is key. Don’t just rely on one channel or another – work on each of them with the understanding that they are intertwined. Test what works for you, and adjust your approach accordingly.  At a time when more and more people struggle with their mental health and addiction during quarantine, these strategies will help you ensure you will bring in new treatment leads and help more people at a time when they need it the most.

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