The Seven Basic Components of a High-Converting Website

With clients increasingly using the internet to search for businesses and services they need, having an off-the-shelf basic website is no longer an option if you want your business to stand out from the rest. Let’s look at seven basic components your website must have to attract more clients and generate more sales.

Design & Function

If your website looks like it was put together by a teenage kid back in the early 2000s, it is high time you consider a design refresh. Your website must accurately reflect who you are as a brand and give visitors the best first impression about your business. Avoid adding too much text and choose your colors, fonts, and background colors wisely to create a clean, easy-to-read design that invites visitors to want to learn more. Your website also needs to be functional – nobody likes to try to navigate through a site loaded with errors, broken links, outdated information, and slow-loading pages. Ensure your website is loading properly and that all pages and links are doing what they should.

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User Experience (UX)

We know it is important to create a website that will satisfy the search engines and their algorithms, but the search engine is not your customer. Build your site for your prospective customers first, and for S.E.O. second. Make it easy to navigate, don’t overload your visitor with information, and have clear call-to-actions and next steps. All of these make for a great user experience that will keep visitors engaged and improve the chances that they will take the next step in their journey and contact you or make a purchase.


Nearly 60% of all Google searches are performed from a mobile device, with certain categories such as Food and Beverage reaching 72%. What this means is that having a website that is not optimized to display correctly across mobile devices is a recipe for disaster. With the vast majority of potential clients using their phones and tablets to look for businesses like yours, there is no excuse not to have a mobile-friendly website that is easy to use and helps your business be found by users on the go.

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Value-Adding Content

Invest a bit of time creating content such as blog posts and videos that help your customer solve a minor problem or learn something useful that adds value to their lives. By doing so, you are not only helping search engines label your website as useful and relevant, but you are also positioning yourself as an expert in your field and building a trust relationship with your audience instead of just selling and sharing promotional content.

Easy-to-Find Contact Information

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away sharing all about your business that you may forget to tell people how to contact you and where to find you. Make sure to share your contact information in an obvious, easy-to-find area on your website. Share clear directions to your physical location (if you have one) as well as social media links. If a customer has to spend time trying to figure out where you are and what your phone number is, they will likely just click away.

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Train Your Visitors to Take Action

Start with the end in mind – what do you want visitors to do when they come to your website? Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Do you want them to pick up the phone and call? Subscribe to a newsletter? Make a purchase? When you have a clear goal in mind, it is easier to decide what your primary call to action should be. That’s when you should make a point in asking your visitors to take the next step. Make your call to action clear and abundant throughout your website.

S.E.O. and Social Media-Ready

Now that you made sure your website is beautiful, functional, easy to navigate, full of clear call-to-actions and valuable content, it is time to ensure it will receive the traffic it deserves. By using basic search engine optimization techniques such as keyword research, optimized page titles, meta tags, and image alt tags, you are increasing the chances of receiving organic search traffic. You can also take advantage of social sharing tools to make it easy for visitors to share interesting content from your website on their social media channels, which can help generate even more organic traffic to your page and improve your rankings.

This is a great checklist to start with, but there is a lot more involved in creating and maintaining a great website that is not just a static portfolio or business card, but a lead-generating machine for your business. If you need more help with building or rebuilding your website, BizLeads Agency is ready to help – contact us to learn how we can help you take your business to the next level.


Bizleads Agency

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