Funnel Hacking Lead Generation Tips for Dog Trainers

There are around 80 million pet dogs in the United States today. By all indications, that number will continue to rise in the years to come. That means the demand for dog training services will continue to increase.

So, there’s no lack of clients for your services. The only problem is how you can find them or to put it more accurately, how they can find you. The secret is to generate leads, and this article will give you some of the most effective funnel hacking lead generation tips for dog trainers. 

What Is Funnel Hacking? 

Before we go on to discuss the tips, we need to backtrack a bit and consider what funnel hacking is. To put it simply, funnel hacking is the practice of taking proven marketing funnels and using those for your campaigns. That eliminates the need for you to build your funnel from scratch. It also lessens the amount of time that you need to spend on running A/B tests. 

The usual technique is to look at the lead generation funnel of your competitors, the ones you want to catch up to, and reverse engineer it and apply it to your lead generation efforts. But there are other ways that you can hack the funnel now.

Any technique that has proven can be used as a shortcut for you to get more leads.

Lead Generation Tips

Use the Google Call Ads

Google Call Ads are types of ads that appear on the search results that directly encourage users to call your business phone number. The thing about these ads is that they would only appear on devices that actually can make calls. That makes it easy for your potential customer to give your number a call.

The use of Call Ads can speed up the conversion process since a call is likely to lead to a client signing up for your service.

Lead generation
Source: SERoundtable

Facebook Messenger Automated Funnel Campaigns

Another useful technique for lead generation is to use Facebook Messenger to automate funnel campaigns. The idea is to use automated messages to move users through your marketing funnel.

Like other funnels, at the top of this funnel is a large group of potential clients. The group gets smaller as they move along the funnel. They are screened depending on how they reply to the questions.

lead generation tips

Using a Landing Page

Your home page is not optimized to convert traffic into leads. It’s best to use a landing page that is specifically designed to convert traffic. Landing pages are better because they only contain information that is more likely to compel a lead to become a customer. Just using a landing page is not enough. It has to be designed in the right way, and most importantly, it needs the right copy. Keep in mind that 90% of visitors who read the landing page headline will also read the CTA.

dog trainers


Just because a visitor does not convert the first time does not mean it’s a lost cause. You can use retargeting methods to try and turn them into customers. It’s an effective method, and in fact, consumers are 70% more likely to convert with retargeting. You can even use programmatic retargeting, which can automate things for you.

lead generation campaigns

Upsell Services

Some people may not need dog training services, but they could be looking for related services like dog walking and dog sitting. If you provide those services, then make sure that you mention it in your offer.

how to grow your business online
Source: Freepik

These are just some of the things that you can implement to perform funnel hacking with your lead generation. If you want to make sure that you can execute these steps in the right way, you should rely on professionals’ help.

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So, how effective is Facebook Ads? The short answer is that it’s very effective. With the right knowledge, it can drive up your conversions through the roof.

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