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Stop Leaving Money on the Table and Tap Into a $250 Billion Crypto Market By Accepting Bitcoin Payments With Just a Few Easy Steps!

If your business relies solely on U.S. Dollar-based payments, you just may be walking on thin ice. With the national debt reaching 14 figures (and counting) and the U.S. Dollar losing value every day, many Americans have chosen to invest in a decentralized currency and take back control of their money before the national currency crashes completely.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin keep growing in value and popularity while the U.S. Dollar keeps heading towards a collapse. This is something your e-commerce business cannot afford to ignore. Luckily, accepting crypto as a form of payment is easier than you think.

What Happens If You Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments?

Allowing your business to keep turning away cryptocurrency is like signing up for dial-up internet – it simply does not make sense. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and keep growing in value while the national currency continues to depreciate. When you start accepting Bitcoin payments, you can:

Bitcoin payments
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Open Your Business Up to Over 1.5 Billion Crypto Users Without Touching a Single Line of Code

We can help you get started and take care of setting up your Bitcoin payment gateway for you. There are no gotchas and no hidden fees, and you won’t have to worry about any technicalities.

Most businesses end up paying an average of 2.87 and 4.35 percent per transaction every time they accept a credit card payment (not counting the extra 20-30 cents charged by some merchants on top of those percentages). But here is the good news – once your gateway is set up, you will only pay one flat fee – 0.8% per transaction – to convert payments into USD – and every Bitcoin transaction is free. Imagine how much money your business can save every year on transaction fees alone! And once the word gets out, more and more Bitcoin enthusiasts will want to become your customers and shop at your business.

Still unsure? Let us show you the numbers!

Suppose your business makes an annual revenue of about 1 million dollars. If you choose to accept Bitcoin, you might be looking at potentially saving $25,000.00 in processing fees. Think about it – what would an extra 25k a year mean for you and your business? Would you be able to buy new equipment? Pay yourself a higher salary? Maybe you could finally afford to get a better vehicle, or make that downpayment for your dream home?

But that’s not all. Besides saving on transaction fees and keeping more of your profits, you will also be able to capitalize on an asset that can bring you astonishing returns in a short period of time. Think compound interest – every payment you receive in Bitcoin has an enormous potential to skyrocket in value over time.

Let’s now suppose you decided to keep 25% of your money in Bitcoin (or $6250.00) and cash out the rest. If you had chosen to cash out 100% of your money and put that $6250 aside in your savings account, chances are you are still going to have that exact same amount in a year from now (plus an extra 25 dollars if your account yields a .40% APY. That’s not much!).

Bitcoin Trading
How to invest in bitcoin

Numbers Don't Lie

However, if you decided to hold $6250 worth of Bitcoin without cashing it out, you would probably be looking at an average return of 408%, meaning your $6250.00 would be worth $31,750.00 in just over a year. In five years, your $6250 could be worth $21,144,556.42 with compound interest.

And what is more astonishing is that experts are predicting that Bitcoin will be worth over 1 Million Dollars in just 10 years – and if that happens, your $6250 initial investment would now be worth $71,534,762,595.02 That is the beauty of compound interest!

Enabling Bitcoin payments for your business not only means you may be saving thousands in transaction fees, but you will also be giving yourself a chance to safeguard your financial future and leave a legacy. Do you really want to look back 10 years from now and wish you had not missed this ship?

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This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss! Bitcoin is expected to hit $100,000.00 by the end of 2021, with more and more individuals adopting it as a global decentralized currency.

Better yet – for a limited time, we will take care of getting your Bitcoin payment gateway set up and fully functional for only $997.00. No coding, no hassle – we do all the work for you only using the most legit and safest platforms.

All you have to do is enter your information below and take care of the one-time set up fee of $997, schedule your onboarding call and our team will explain all the details to get your business Bitcoin-ready. But act quickly – this is a limited-time price. In addition, there is no better time to catch the Bitcoin train than NOW. You can jump on board and help your business grow – or you can sit this one out and regret it later. Which will it be?

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